Dr. Amita Sachdev ND can support you and your family through your cancer diagnosis and develop a plan for safely combining medical and natural therapies.

Dr. Sachdev ND is a member of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OncANP) and belongs to a vast network of experts in the field of "naturopathic oncology". Dr. Sachdev ND uses up-to-date research in all recommendations to ensure your cancer is best treated.


Patients are encouraged to bring in all blood tests, diagnostic imaging reports, biopsy/pathology reports, and genetic testing results performed by their medical doctor. 

Alternatively, you may provide us with your lab results from your online chart.

Dr. Amita Sachdev ND will monitor your blood work and may suggest some of:

  • Complete Blood Cell Count (CBC) and White Blood Cell Count (WBC) with differential
  • ESR and C-reactive protein
  • Iron and Ferritin
  • Vitamin D and Vitamin B12
  • Fasting Blood Glucose, IGF-1, and HbA1C
  • Genetic testing for mutations (such as KRAS, etc.)
  • Cancer markers (such as CA 125, PSA, etc.)
  • Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH)
  • G6PD
  • ... and more 
Ask your Oncologist about ONCOTYPE Dx testing if you have breast or colon cancer to help make decisions about chemotherapy in early stage cancers.


Cancer Supportive Care

Years ago, when cancer entered my home, I knew naturopathic medicine was going to be a part of our treatment plan. 

Today, every patient with cancer is supported with best evidence based natural therapies that serve to:

Improve quality of life by increased energy, reduced pain, improved sense of well-being, and more

Increase effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation and reduce resistance to conventional therapies

Reduce side effects of conventional treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation

Improve wound healing and aid in post-operative recovery

Prevent drug-herb-nutrient interactions

Support survival and prognosis

Reduce risk of reoccurrence

Provide education and support to patients and their families


Supportive cancer therapies may include:

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Dietary changes
  • Nutrient supplements 
  • Herbs, teas, and topical applications
  • IntraVenous therapy using                                             High Dose Vitamin C
  • European Mistletoe therapy
  • Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
  • Laboratory testing
  • and more