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Breathing Easy this Season

Looks like this winter is finally behind us (although I did see some patches of snow at the Harbour Front this past Easter weekend!), but it most certainly will melt too. Along with the welcome warm weather, so returns our beloved Canada Geese, ducks, and critters with the budding of leaves, grass, and pollen.

Many of my patients have already been in the office to see me to treat their beginning seasonal allergies. My approach involves simple and effective therapies to help minimize ithcy/watery eyes, stuffy nose, sneezing, and sinus pressure and reduce need for prescription and/or over the counter anti-histamine medications.

Did you know that vitamin C (given in therapeutic doses, such as in IntraVenous Therapy) is a powerful anti-histamine? One of my most effective applications of IntraVenous vitamin C is as an anti-histamine to treat allergies. Or perhaps you need a medicated inhalation treatment using a mask. Have you thought about allergy testing? We can help.

Meet with Amita to develop your plan to Breathing Easy this Season.

Dr. Amita Sachdev BScN, RN, ND


Posted 440 weeks ago