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Summer Rays and Tempting Trays

Schools are out, teachers are enjoying well deserved time off, and you and I are ready to kick back and make the most of those sunny weekends and long summer nights after work. It’s time to enjoy cottaging, BBQs, patio lounging, and endless summer parties with friends and family.

I can already feel myself grooving to my favourite beats enjoying the sun’s rays while food and drink float by on tempting trays (some of which I may be carrying around myself!).

But, what am I going to eat and drink?? I know I am suppose to drink more water and eat my fresh fruit and vegetables. But, those jalapeƱo poppers look so good! How about I have just one and promise to sandwich it between the thirst quenching water and life giving fresh fruit and vegetables. That might just work!

These are the negotiations we should constantly be having with ourselves over summer indulgences. Fat and calories add up fast. That one sugary iced tea, that one chocolate ice cream bar, that one bite sized cupcake, that one little samosa, that one lite beer … oops … that was all in one day! Before you know it, your pants feel tight monday morning when you’re getting dressed for work ready to show off that glowing tan.

This summer I promise to enjoy summer rays and think twice about what I’m reaching for in those tempting trays, cause I don’t want to buy new pants ;)

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Dr. Amita Sachdev ND



Posted 429 weeks ago